Mutton Soup: A Healthful and Easy to make Recipe

Mutton Soup
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It’s normal to crave hot beverages in chilly weather because your body needs internal warmth as well. Mutton soup makes a fantastic substitute for it. Your body generates heat as a result, keeping you warmer in the winter and Rainy seasons. It helps you cure cough and colds as well.

This is my mother’s favourite version of mutton soup that I’ve made. I like to prepare soups slowly, with very few ingredients, and with straightforward preparation. Of course, we can pressure cook the mutton, but gradual simmering alone will give it a nice flavour. The meat cooks through slowly, allowing the tastes of each ingredient to blend harmoniously and preventing overcooking. Mutton becomes more tender & Juicy.

Similarly, we can prepare any vegetable soup, including horse gram, chickpeas or chicken soup. However, they take less time to prepare than mutton soup. You can create a new variation, Mutton Alani Soup, by omitting the salt.

To make this soup, I used mutton chaps, which are simply the goat’s ribcage. I’m going to make Malvani Mutton Chaap Masala with these mutton bones. Mutton chops are slow-cooked in a rich sauce to enhance the tenderness of the mutton chunks.

Difficulty: Intermediate Prep Time 15 mins Cook Time 29 mins Rest Time 30 mins Total Time 1 hr 14 mins
Servings: 4
Best Season: Winter


Main Ingradients

Marinating Ingradients


  1. Grab some fresh Mutton bones. 

    I have used Goat Mutton and selected Chap Portion.
  2. Wash it thoroughly.

  3. Marinate Mutton with Turmeric Powder and Salt.

  4. Give it a thorough marinade and give it a 15 to 20-minute rest.

  5. Place a pot of water on to heat.

  6. Once you've had a boil, turn off the heat.

  7. Crush the Garlic

  8. Crush the Ginger.

  9. Heat a pot over low heat; we need to prepare the mutton soup with slow cooking process.

  10. Add a little oil.

  11. Add the black pepper and cloves when the oil is heated.

  12. Add the garlic and crushed ginger right away.

  13. Once the raw flavor of the garlic and ginger has gone, add the mutton bones and sauté it for 2-3 minutes

  14. After adding some hot water.

  15. Cover the Pot with a Lid.

  16. To taste, add salt after the first boil.

    You may make Mutton Alani Soup without adding any salt at all. Alani means "no salt."
  17. Once more, place a lid on it and allow it to cook slowly for the next twenty to thirty minutes.

  18. Check that the mutton is cooked through, then turn off the heat and give it some time to rest. There's Mutton Soup ready.

  19. Enjoy the hot mutton soup. 

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