A Youngster from Malvan has a dream to present the Local Kokani and Malvani Cuisine Worldwide.

I was Born and raised in a small town called Malvan on the west coast of India, in Maharashtra state, India. It was mesmerizing 2 decades of my life. I am the eldest child of Gurunath and Supriya, a hardworking and honest couple who are primary teachers. I lived with my parents, my younger sister, and my grandparents. 

As my parents transferred to another village, My sister and I had to assist my grandma with household work, such as cooking and cleaning while managing our studies. I think that was the point where I started becoming curious about Cooking. I still remember the Aroma and taste of the food made by my Aaji (Grandmother). She was an excellent Home Cook. The taste of her hand is still on my tongue. She is the real inspiration in my Food Journey. 

My Ajoba (Grandfather) had a business selling ladoos. He was a famous Ladoo Maker in our town, people call them Ladoowale Bandekar. Grandfather used to fill ladles in a box every morning and evening and go to sell them. In the evening, after they came, our whole family used to help in preparing Ladoos. He used to make Ladoos of Shengdana (Ground Nuts), Black and White Til (Sesame seeds), Moog Pith (Green Fram Flour) Ladoo.

I wanted to become a chef, but as I was unaware of the career opportunities in the food industry, so I took my education in Mechanical Engineering.

Later, in order to further my profession, I relocated to Pune, Maharashtra, India. I got a chance to work with companies like John Deere, Tata Motors Ltd., Onward Technologies Ltd., Tata Technologies Ltd, and Volvo Cars as a full-time and/or consultant. Working with such powerful, values-based businesses was truly a wonderful experience. It aids in my own development.

However, my inner desire to be a chef motivated me to prepare some good food for my family and friends and then I started creating content on social media platforms. I decided to quit my job to follow my passion. 

Having spent over five years producing material for social media, I made the decision to launch my blog in order to 

  • Raise Awareness of Malvani-Kokani Food worldwide
  • Explore our Traditional food preparation techniques.
  • Make people aware of traditional utensils.
  • Make people aware of Traditional food preparation techniques and adopt them in their day-to-day routine.

My lovely wife Sai, my daughter Driti, and Sister Reena are my backbone and support system throughout this journey.


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