Malvani Methichi Bhaji – A Little Sweet and A Little Bitter

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Methichi Bhaji, a tiny fenugreek vegetable, is highly well-known throughout the Kokan Belt. In the Kokan belt, green vegetables are often more popular, but this little fenugreek Leaves bhaji has an incredible flavor.

Malvani Cuisine is known for its wide range of Leafy Vegetables and Methichi Bhaji is absolute Yum.

Fenugreek has a bitter flavor, and the green vegetable that develops from it has a slightly bitter taste as well. It’s not as bitter as Bitter Gourd, though.

Because of its bitter flavor, it should be eaten in smaller amounts than other green vegetables because it loses acidity. Garlic should also be avoided as it can increase the acidity of both ingredients when combined. Although not everyone experiences this acidity, it’s best to avoid mixing them both.
With the help of two interesting ingredients, we may lessen the harshness of this Bhaji.

The first is onion, and the second is freshly grated coconut. The onion should be sautéed till it becomes pink and begins to release sugar. As soon as the onion begins to release water, chopped Methi leaves should be added. Methi leaves are less bitter when combined with onions because of their sweetness. Freshly grated coconut, which also absorbs the bitterness from Bhaji, is the second sweet component that lessens the bitterness overall. The blend of sweet and bitter flavors is rather amazing.

Methichi Bhaji goes well with Godi Daal, which is sweet Daal served over steamed rice, rice Bhakri, or chapati.

Difficulty: Intermediate Prep Time 15 mins Cook Time 10 mins Total Time 25 mins
Servings: 4

Methichi Bhaji (Fenugreek Vegetable)


Off On

  1. Gather about 15 to 20 bunches of fresh fenugreek leaves.

  2. Take one entire bunch and cut the roots.

  3. Cut remaining portion into four or five pieces.

  4. After chopping the vegetable, thoroughly wash it in water.

  5. Gather the chopped vegetables into a strainer and remove all of the water.

  6. Pour some oil into a deep, heated pan.

  7. To the oil, add some soaking split green grams, then sauté for a minute.

  8. Add four to five silted green chilies & sauté for Minute

  9. Add the chopped onions. 

  10. Add Some Salt to your taste and Sauté it until it becomes pink.

  11. Add the finely cut fenugreek leaves.

  12. Mix it well

  13. Put a Lid on top of Tawa.

  14. In two minutes, take off the lid and Mix it well.

    Repeat this 2-3 times till all the water in a Bhaji completely evaporates and Bhaji properly cooked.
  15. Add the freshly shredded coconut now. Mix it well, Turn off the heat and Place a Lid again for 2 mins more.

  16. Take off the lid after 2 mins, mix it well. Malvani Methichi Bhaji is Ready.

  17. Malvani Methichi Bhaji Garnished with Fresh Grate Coconut is ready to be Served.

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