Malvani Chicken Rasso: Sizzling kick on Sundays

Malvani Chicken Rasso: Sizzling kick on Sundays
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If we don’t prepare chicken for at least one meal on Sunday, it will be unusual. This combo of Malvani Chicken Rasso, Amboli, Steamed Rice, and Koshibir with a squeeze of lemon is lethal. The Malvani Chicken Rassa is one of my favorite dishes that she cooks. She is the best at it. Minimal additives, straightforward flavors—it’s just fantastic. It is just a true example of Malvani Cuisine.

Malvani Chicken
Malvani Chicken

Here are some suggestions that may be of relevance to you:-

This recipe calls for Bhajlela Vataap. With it, we can make Malvani Chicken Sukya by using less water. Malvani Chicken Rasso pairs well with Aamboli, Ghavne, or Tandalachi Bhakri and Steamed Rice. A person does not feel as though their dinner is finished until they have consumed at least two bowls of soup.

Add Bhajlela Vataap to Malvani Chicken
Add Bhajlela Vataap to Malvani Chicken

My father and I used to have a grand plan when I was a kid that involved selecting a hen or a cock in our barn till preparing them. Back then, we roasted chicken legs over fire. My tongue is still tasting it.

Prep Time 15 mins Cook Time 25 mins Rest Time 30 mins Total Time 1 hr 10 mins
Servings: 4
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


This is my mother's basic Malvani Chicken Rasso (Curry).

Malvani Chicken Rasso

Main Ingredients

Marinating Ingradients


Off On

  1. Get a Fresh Chicken.

  2. Under running water, thoroughly wash the chicken.

  3. Drain all the water from the chicken.

  4. Add Malvani Bhajlela Masala to chicken.

  5. Add Salt to your taste to chicken.

  6. After thoroughly mixing, let the chicken marinate for around thirty minutes.

  7. Warm up the Vessale on low to medium heat.

  8. Once the oil is heated, add the whole spices, chopped onions, and finally, some Bhajka Masala.

  9. Add the marinated chicken now.

  10. Mix it well.

  11. After covering the vessel with the lid, cook it for three to four minutes.

  12. Take off the top and thoroughly stir.

  13. Cook for an additional three to four minutes on high heat after adding extra water and giving it a good stir.

  14. Add Malvani Bhajlela Vataap to the chicken once it has boiled well and is 80% done.

  15. Cook it for a further four to five minutes on low heat, or until boiling bubbles appear.

  16. Add the crushed Kasuri Methi when the chicken is cooked through.

  17. After turning off the heat, give it at least thirty minutes to rest.

  18. The Malvani Chicken Rasso is prepared for consumption.

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