Make sure you get these Crisps in Malvani Cuisine.

Along with texture and sound, one of the food sensations that a person can perceive is crispiness. It enhances the relationship between people and food.

Crispy food has a pleasing and lovely appearance. During the meal, it makes you happy and keeps you engaged, active, and energetic.

We Malvanis also adore this crisp in our meals. We prepare a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives, so you simply cannot compromise on the crispiness of the dish. It is an absolute must-have for the ultimate meal experience.

Vegetarian – Kaap is nothing but thin slices, marinated with Malvani Masala, then coated with Rice Flour and Shallow fried. You can use a Rava (Semolina) coating as well or both.

Kaap are cooked with minimal oil and low to medium heat. After being shallow-fried, the Kaap turns soft from the inside and the thin layer of rice flour crisps up. 

These go well as side dish with any Vegetarian Meal or can be served as snacks. They are replacements for Fish Fry especially in the Monsoon season when availability of Fish are very less.

  • Malvani Batata (Potato) Kaap 
  • Malvani Suran (Yam) Kaap
  • Malvani Kelyache (Raw Banana) Kaap
  • Malvani Neer Phanas (Breadfruit) Kaap
  • Malvani Vangi (Brinjal) Kaap
  • Malvani Karali (Bitter Gourd) Kaap

Non-Vegetarian – Fish Fries marinated with Malvani Fish Masala, then coated with Rice Flour and Shallow fried. 

These fish fries are fried over low to medium heat with very little oil. The thin covering of rice flour crisps up and from inside it becomes soft after being shallow-fried.

You will be amazed to hear that Fish Fry goes well with Fish Curries as well as Vegetarian Curries, Especially Spicy Daal.

  • Malvani Bangda (Indian Mackerel) Fry
  • Malvani Surmai (Seer/King Fish) Fry
  • Malvani Paplet (Pomfret) Fry
  • Malvani Kolambi (Prawns) Fry
  • Malvani Mhakul (Squid) Fry
  • Malvani Pedve (Sardines) Fry
  • Malvani Mori/Mushi (Baby Shark) Fry

I would Like to know which is your Favorite Curry from your region.

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