The Top 5 Malvani Sea Food Curries You Must Try!

If You are traveling to Malvan or going to a nearby Malvani Restaurant, if you are craving non-vegetarian food, then you must give it a try with these five flavorful Malvani Sea Food Curries. These curries are essential to Malvani cuisine.

  1. Malvani Bangda (Indian Mackerel) Curry
  2. Malvani Kolambi (Prawns) Curry
  3. Malvani Mori/Mushi (Baby Shark Fish) Curry
  4. Malvani Khekda (Crab) Curry
  5. Malvani Ek Shipi/Tisrya (Clams) Curry

Bangda and Kolambi Curry are prepared with Malvani Fish Curry Masala. Mori, Khekda, and Tisrya Curry are prepared with Malvani Bhajka Masala.

Khobryacha Vatap (Coconut pest), gives these curries their unique Malvani flavor, Malvani curries are incomplete without this Vatap. Whether it is Vegetarian Curry or Non-Vegetarian Curry, Malvani curries are incomplete without this Vatap.

All of these curries go perfectly with steamed rice and rice flour Bhakari. Though I would advise sticking to rice Bhakari, you are welcome to try it with Chapati as well.

Your tongue will taste a little spicy for a while after eating any of the curries. After eating, don’t forget to have a glass of Solkadhi.

I hope this article has added some value to you. I appreciate you taking the time to read this article. I look forward to your valuable feedback.

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