Malvani Crispy Bangda Fry l Malvani Crispy Indian Mackerel l Bhajlelo Bangdo

Malvani Crispy Bangda Fry
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Throughout India, one of the most popular sea fish is Indian mackerel, often known as Bangda in the Kokan region. In Malvani families, Bhajlelo Bangdo is a highly appreciated fish. The two best dishes that can be cooked are Bhajlelo Bangdo (Bangda Fry) and Malvani Bangdyachi Amti (Curry). A few different methods for frying bangda are, shallow fry on a tawa (pan) or roast fish on fire.

In our family, we often make shallow fries at home, and on nights when we go out, we like to roast them over a fire. Fish cooking over a fire is a lot of fun.

Here are some suggestions that may be of relevance to you:-

Bangda is among the most affordable and healthiest options for fish lovers. It is a high-quality protein source. Bangda is an oily fish and an excellent source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids 

Several health advantages of Bangda are:- 

– Lowers blood pressure 

– Enhances bone health 

– Helps is depression symptoms

– Helps with weight management 

– Regulates blood sugar levels

I’ll be discussing the delicious Malvani Crispy Bangda Fry, also known as Bhajlelo Bangdo, today. This is a primary recipe for Malvani Fish Fry. Minimum ingredients. This dish works well with any simple fish fry. All you need is Kokam Aagal, Malvani Fish Masala, and Sea Salt. This Simple Fish fry is the best example of Malvani / Kokani Minimalistic food. We usually cut the Bangda into two or three pieces before cooking it because that is how we prefer it. However, it is kept whole in hotels.

Malvani Crispy Bangda Fry l Malvani Crispy Indian Mackerel l Bhajlelo Bangdo

Difficulty: Intermediate Prep Time 15 mins Cook Time 15 mins Total Time 30 mins
Servings: 4


Main Ingredients

Marinating Ingradients

Coating Ingradients


Off On

  1. Get some recently caught Indian Mackerel.

  2. Cut it into two or three pieces.

  3. Give them a thorough wash under running water.

  4. Add Kokam Aagal to Bangda and start marinating.

  5. Mix in the Malvani Fish Masala.

  6. Add Some Sea Salt.

  7. Mix it properly.

  8. Give it a good 20 to 30 minutes to rest.

  9. Coat it with a rice flour.

  10. Put some oil in a pan once it has been heated over a low heat.

  11. After the oil heated up, set the coated pieces on a pan.

  12. Turn it over to cook the other side once the first side has become crispy.

  13. Properly fry each side.

  14. Switch off the flame.

  15. The Malvani Crispy Bangda Fry is prepared for consumption.

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