Fresh from Sea to Plate – Malvani Surmai/Iswan Curry

A family of five or six would find it more affordable to purchase Kutaa rather than a complete Surmai (King Fish), as Surmai may be fairly costly because we eat seafood a minimum of Four days a week.

For Fry, Surmai (King Fish), Paplet (Pomfret), and Modusa are the finest options due to their taste, texture, and a single bone in the center. However, we’d rather get a whole Surmai when we have guests at our house, so it’s Surmai curry time.

We use the center portion of the fish to Fry and the head & tail parts of the fish to make Curry, which enhances the flavor of the curry.

These Two Curry Bases Will Help You Master Malvani Cuisine!

The Beauty of Malvani Cuisine lies within the Aamti (Curry or Gravy). It is a part of our Main Course.

When it is thick gravy we call it Tikhla/Sukya or Usal. We refer to Tikhla/Sukya as thick gravies made of fish, chicken, or mutton, and use Usal as thick gravies made of beans.

Malvani Surmai Fry l Malvani King Fish Fry l

Malvani Surmai fry is a favorite dish among fish eaters. King fish is popularly known known as Surmai, locally in Kokan Seashore. Surmai is quit big in size, so it is evenly cut into thin slices. It has a long center bone, so you don’t require much efforts while eating, it is one of the reason why it is popular among the fish lovers or if someone is new to sea food then it is the best to start with. Surmai has a layered structure. When it properly cooked then those layers got separated and it is really fun to eat those layers. 

Make sure you get these Crisps in Malvani Cuisine.

We Malvanis also adore this crisp in our meals. We prepare a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives, so you simply cannot compromise on the crispiness of the dish. It is an absolute must-have for the ultimate meal experience.

It’s About Malvani Cuisine!

Fish From the Sea, Creeks, and Rivers is the Main Food here. Gravies are made up of Fresh Grated Coconut pests. Rice is consumed in the form of soup, Steamed rice, Bhakri (Bread), Ghavan (Creeps), and Hot Noodles. Ragi is also consumed in the form of Bhakri (Bread), Ghavan (Creeps), and Hot Noodles. Different Local pulses and vegetables are also part of a daily meal. Kokum is used as a soaring agent in the Food.

Malvani Rice Ghavne – A dish that radiates genuine Malvani emotions and love

” Ghavne” is a dish that truly reflects the essence of Malvani cuisine, conveying genuine emotions of love through its flavors & texture. It is quite delicate. When making it on a traditional wood-coal stove, it takes skill to keep the batter’s consistency and the right amount of heat, to maintain the thickness thus preparation takes a lot of patience. One Ghavn takes four to five minutes to prepare and only takes thirty seconds to eat. It is Soft, Meshy, and Very thin.