malvani Crispy prawns fry

Kunal Bandekar's Food Journey

Get some fresh Prawns

Give the prawns a thorough wash

Devein all the Prawns

Make a Cut and Ensure No broken vein is remaining in the Prawn

Give the prawns a thorough wash one more time

Marinate the Prawns with Kokam Aagal, Malvani Fish Masala & Sea Salt

Let it rest for 15-20 Minutes

Coat the Marinated Prawns with Fine Rice Flour

Place the coated Prawns on a heated Pan, greased with Oil

Flip the Prawns once they are turned to be Golden colour

Once Prawns Become Crispy from both the sides Turn off the heat

Let the Oil drain from Fried Prawns

Malvani Crispy Fried Prawns are ready to be Served