malvani methichi bhaji

Kunal Bandekar's Food Journey

Gather about 15 to 20 bunches of fresh fenugreek leaves.

Take one entire bunch and cut the roots.

Cut remaining portion into four or five pieces.

After chopping the vegetable, thoroughly wash it in water.

Gather the chopped vegetables into a strainer and remove all of the water.

Pour some oil into a deep, heated pan.

To the oil, add some soaking split green grams, then sauté for a minute

Add four to five silted green chilies & sauté for Minute

Add the chopped onions.

Add the finely cut fenugreek leaves.

Put a Lid on top of Tawa.

Add the freshly shredded coconut now. Mix it well,

Turn off the heat and Place a Lid again for 2 mins more.

Malvani Methichi Bhaji is Ready.

Malvani Methichi Bhaji Garnished with Fresh Grate Coconut is ready to be Served.