Malvani  Crispy Suran Kaap

By Kunal Bandekar

January, 2024

1. Select a whole suran (Yam)

2. Cut it into equal pieces

3. Peal off Suran's outer layer.

4. Slice it into medium-thick pieces

5. Give them a quick rinse under cold water and remove the starch from slices

6. Drain all of the water from the Slices.

7. Add Kokam Aagal

8. Add Malvani Fish Curry Masala to your spice requirement.

9. Add Salt to your taste

10. Make sure to mix it well.

11. Cover all the marinated slices with Rice Flour

12. Line a heated pan with all of the coated slices to shallow fry.

13. Fry it on both sides until the color turns golden brown

It's time to serve Malvani Suran Kaap